Is Right Now The Best Time To Install That Furnace?

Summer is nearly here and right about now, you're probably looking forward to feeling the cool breeze of your home's air conditioning system. But let's say your home is also in dire need of a new furnace. It'll be months before winter rolls back around, so why worry about a furnace installation right now?

Summertime Could Be a Busy Time for HVAC Techs

This time of the year, most HVAC technicians are gearing up for the rush of homeowners in need of A/C service and replacement. With a surge in demand for refrigerant recharges and emergency A/C repairs, it also means that your technician may be too busy dealing with A/C repairs to deal with a routine furnace installation.

Not every technician will be swamped with A/C repair requests, but remember that it may take a little longer than usual to arrange for a furnace replacement. If you have to have your furnace replaced during the summer, is a good idea to plan your service call in advance and be mindful of any possible delays that could occur due to scheduling issues. You might even want to switch to another HVAC contractor that's not as busy with emergency work.

Fall Could Be a Better Time

The late summer to mid-fall months may be a better time to purchase and install a new furnace. By this time, HVAC technicians are gearing up for heating system maintenance and they might not be as preoccupied with emergency service work. In addition, the winter cold has yet to settle in, giving you plenty of time to prepare your new furnace for its newfound duties throughout the winter months.

But you don't want to wait too long to have your new furnace installed. As the winter cold closes in, it may become harder to conveniently schedule an installation date due to the growing number of homeowners who need emergency heating repairs.

Taking Advantage of Springtime Savings

Spring is yet another ideal time to upgrade your home's heating system. For starters, the mild temperatures make it easier to bear a day or two without heat while your new furnace is being installed. This way, you won't have to worry about finding alternative forms of heating. If you're having your air conditioner replaced at the same time (as with a heat pump or combination heating/cooling cabinet), then you won't have to worry too much about cooling, either.

In addition, you may be able to benefit from seasonal sales on furnaces and other heating equipment. It's not unusual for local HVAC contractors to offer excellent sales and discounts on their heating products, as well as their installation services. Springtime installation also gives you an opportunity to take advantage of the latest federal and local tax incentives offered for new heating and cooling appliances.

What If Your Furnace Is on Its Last Legs?

If your furnace is already more than 18 years old and exhibiting tell-tale problems (frequent cycling, excessive noise, excessive energy consumption), then you might not want to wait any longer for a replacement. The longer you put off replacing a faulty furnace, the more likely it'll break down during the middle of cold weather, when you generally need your furnace the most. Simply put, you'll want to replace your furnace before it fails, regardless of the weather outside.

If you have a serious problem, such as a broken heat exchanger that's allowing carbon monoxide gases to enter your home, then you want to stop using your current furnace and have it replaced right away. After all, your safety is more important than waiting for the right time for a furnace installation.