Air Conditioning Inspection And Maintenance In Odd Climates

Are your seasons completely different from what you remember while growing up? Do your summer months suddenly have winter temperatures, or are your frigid winters suddenly too warm for even a t-shirt? Saving electricity on mild days is an unexpected boon, but rapid changes can lead to wear and tear that may hit your wallet in the form of repairs. Here are a few preemptive inspection and maintenance points to help you prepare for strange weather patterns without dealing with emergency costs.

When Temperatures Flip During A Single Day

You may find yourself changing the thermostat drastically every few days, or constantly shutting off when temperatures aren't necessary. In some of the stranger patterns, the indoor and outdoor temperature may waver around just the right level to make your air conditioning unit shut on and off repeatedly.

Auto-shutoff for energy saving doesn't necessarily save much money here. Constantly turning on and off multiple times within a few minutes isn't much better than keeping the system on the whole time, and can lead to wear and tear as electricity sparks on and off through electrical components.

You could just turn the system off during these days, but what if you didn't notice? Not all air conditioning units are loud, obvious, clunking systems, and sometimes you might be focused on a task. You may even be asleep while your electricity is being wasted on something that doesn't help your comfort at all.

Such problems can be programmed away. An air conditioning repair professional can inspect your thermostat to figure out if it the energy saving can be changed to a wider threshold. Instead of being sensitive to a degree, allowing a 2 or 3-degree change can save electricity. It may not be as comfortable, especially if you're not acclimated to climates outside of air conditioning, but it takes away wasteful energy use when you're not aware. Comfort can always be adjusted manually.

Searching For Temperature Leaks In The Home

This is a good time to point out how air conditioning professionals work with other contractors, namely the ones who install windows, doors, and insulation.

An air conditioning system is dependent on gauging indoor temperatures. The measurements can be thrown off if there's a draft of wind or cold air leak near the temperature detection unit (a complex thermometer) that makes the AC think you're dealing with one temperature while the home is really another temperature.

Any air leak can make the air conditioning unit work harder. Cold air from a poorly-sealed window will constantly cool the home, causing the heater to stay on longer and heat more intensely to maintain the set temperature. Heat causes the same problem with air conditioning.

By calling an air conditioning repair professional for an inspection, you can find out if there are any temperature leaks in the home. These issues can either be handled with basic sealing--such as weather stripping at walls or windows--by the air conditioning professional if the problem is small enough, but any damage or improperly-installed home features will need a specific contractor.

Windows may need to be replaced, adjusted, or filled with some kind of sealant. Doors may need new weather strips, or building contractors may need to change the insulation in your walls. Before spending months of money on wasted electricity, contact an air conditioning professional to figure out what's going on and how to fix it earlier or continue reading more about it.