Using A House Fan To Decrease AC Energy Use

An AC must run an evaporator fan, a condenser fan, and a compressor in order to cool your house. This adds up to a lot of energy use. To further complicate matters, the walls and roof of your house can absorb heat during the day, which they then release into your home through the evening hours. Your AC can run long into the night simply trying to counteract the day's heat gain. In order to give your AC unit a break, you can use a house fan to quickly cool your house in the evening and efficiently keep your house cool through the night. 

What Is a House Fan?

A house fan is not another word for a fan which you can use inside your house. It is not a ceiling fan nor an oscillating fan. Instead, it is a fan which is designed to pump hot air out of your house to provide cooling. In order to install a house fan, you cut a hole through your ceiling in a central location inside of your house. You then install the house fan in this hole. From this position, it can pump hot air out of your house through your attic.

Use and Benefits of a House Fan

A house fan will only move air around; it will not cool air as an AC unit will. Thus, you should not rely on a house fan to keep your home cool through the hottest hours of the day. Instead, when the outside temperature starts to fall in the evening, you should shut off your AC, open your windows, and turn on your house fan. Within a matter of minutes, a properly sized house fan can pump all of the hot air out of your house and pull in cool outside air. Thus, you can rapidly cool your house and a house fan uses 10% as much electricity as compared to an AC unit. Thus, even if you run your house fan all night, you will be saving money by not using your AC unit. 

As the above discussion should indicate, a house fan can complement an AC unit, not replace one. By running your house fan through the evening and nighttime hours, you can save wear and tear on your AC unit and decrease your cooling bills. If you want to know if a house fan could work for you, talk to an HVAC technician to see if the climate in your region and the style of your house will allow you to use one. 

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