Three Tips To Care For Your Commercial HVAC System

Your office building will be sweltering in the warm months and freezing in the cool months if you fail to keep the temperatures level with a high quality commercial HVAC system. Not only do you need to make the investment into a top of the line HVAC system, you must also maintain it after the installation. To be sure that your employees and clients are completely comfortable any time they are in your office, read the guidelines in this article and consult an HVAC company that can serve you. 

#1: Shop for a high end commercial HVAC system

Your first step in revamping your office's thermal condition is to invest in the right HVAC system. When you have a heating and cooling system that is below standards, you will have an uncomfortable workplace and will always have to spend money on repairs. Look into the most recently manufactured commercial HVAC system that you can get your hands on, so that your company is the benefactor. These HVAC systems might cost somewhere between $3000 and $5000 when getting a professional installation. Ask your commercial HVAC contractor about any type of warranty that they might be able to couple with the equipment purchase and installation.

#2: Set your commercial HVAC system up for success

After getting the help of an HVAC contractor, you need to make sure that you assess your office conditions so that your new installation works favorably. For example, if you also have humidity issues in your office, you may want to invest in a dehumidifier. It is important to manage your installation as well, so that your system is not creating waste. Get your thermostat calibrated in the spring or in the fall to be sure that it is relaying the proper temperatures every single time.

#3: Keep your commercial HVAC system sustainable

Finally, it is very important that you do your best to keep your system sustainable. Change your filters periodically so that you can minimize wasted energy by between 5% and 10%. You can also double down on it by sealing and cleaning your heating and cooling ducts in order to receive better performance out of your HVAC system. By contacting an HVAC contractor to handle any sorts of repairs over the course of the year, the system will always work for you.

Utilize the three tips in this article if you want the best from your commercial HVAC system. For all other needs contact a professional, like J. P. Griffin Inc.