Picking The Best Air Conditioning Option For Your Tiny Home

Giving up a traditionally sized house and moving into a tiny home my mean that you are totally ready to give up a lot of things and belongings to live a more meager and conservative life. However, this does not always mean that you want to also sacrifice certain conveniences, such as home air conditioning. Thankfully, having such a small living space will mean that keeping your new tiny home cool and comfortable should be easy and affordable. Just the same, many homeowners making this transition find themselves a little in the dark when they need to choose the right AC option. Take a look at a few examples of cooling options for your tiny home to help you out. 

Window Unit AC 

Perhaps the most affordable and accessible form of cooling for your tiny home is a regular window unit air conditioner. These units have the ability to cool your entire home in many cases, especially when your living quarters are small. While convenient, window units can be an issue if your tiny home does not have standard size windows or if you don't have many windows and would like to keep them accessible without a unit blocking your view. 

Mini Split AC Units 

Ductless mini split systems are a popular choice for home cooling in a tiny home because they are considered to be incredibly efficient. These systems mount right on the wall and have pipes that must be given access to the outdoors. These units tend to be quieter than a window AC, which is a major plus in a small living space, but also they can sometimes double as heating units as well. Plus, mini-split systems usually operate by harvesting cool air outside and bringing it in or by bringing warm air in during the winter. 

Compact Rooftop AC Terminals 

If you have ever spent any time in an RV, you have probably experienced a rooftop AC system. These compact units are ideal for tiny homes because they do not require a lot of space indoors; they are pretty much out of sight and out of mind because they are on the roof of your home. These systems can be fairly efficient, some even using solar energy to generate heated or cooled air, which also makes them a desirable option. The primary downfall to the compact rooftop AC terminal is that its distribution range can be limited if your tiny home has more than one level. 

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