Five Tips For Affordable HVAC Maintenance

Heating and HVAC units ensure that any home remains comfortable despite the extreme climate. People often think that heating and HVAC maintenance is costly. Yet, it fact, there are actually affordable ways to maintain your heating and HVAC units; most you can even do yourself.

Regular Cleaning

It is no secret that regular cleaning can ensure that your heating and HVAC units operate at their maximum capacity. You need to replace filters once every quarter. Use high-efficiency filters that magnet dust and tiniest particles including bacteria. If the units are located outside, you also have to clean them regularly. Remove debris like grass, twigs, and other foreign objects that may clog heating and HVAC.

Visual Inspection

Do not wait for your heating and HVAC units to be busted before you notice the problems. Make it a habit to visually inspect the units. Watch out for rust and corrosion. Look for frozen coils, leaks, and other problems that may damage your unit in the long run. Call your heating and HVAC contractor for early intervention. Dealing with these issues early on before they actually damage your HVAC units can save you more money and troubles later on.


Like any other mechanical equipment, your heating and HVAC units require lubrication for their moving parts. Through constant movement and contacts among metals, these parts tend to create develop friction. This friction can cause some difficulty in their operation. Apply lubrication after cleaning these moving parts to prevent them wearing out easily.


Investing in a programmable thermostat is another affordable way to maintain your heating and HVAC at their optimum performance. The thermostat ensures that your HVAC operates at its peak level when you are home and in an energy-saving mode when no one is home. Your HVAC contractor should also look the thermostat and re-check its settings every seasonal tune-up.

Electrical Systems

Your heating system maintenance technician should also check that all components of the electrical system work properly. Faulty electrical system jeopardizes the optimal operations of the heating and HVAC units. Frequent voltage spikes can damage your HVAC units as well. Minimize problems in your house's electrical system to protect your heating and HVAC units from costly repair.

Heating and HVAC units require thoughtful maintenance. Still, there are actually affordable and even free ways to ensure that your home's heating and cooling system are properly maintained. Do regular cleaning and visual inspections. Apply lubricants to moving parts and check the thermostat and the electrical system. There are just some of the tips for affordable heating system maintenance.