Three Signs That Your A/C May Need Some Repair Work

Air conditioning is a year-round thing down south. Up north, you only need the A/C for a few months out of the year. Still, that does not mean that A/C in either part of the country will never need AC repair. It is far more likely in the South, where these appliances are used often, but such repairs are also needed in the North, too. Wherever you live, here are some more signs that your A/C may need some repair work.

Your Home Is Cooler When You Open the Windows to the Outside Temperatures

Oops. Somebody forgot to tell the air conditioner that it needs to run cold air! When you have the air conditioner turned on, but it feels cooler outside than in, or feels cooler when you open your windows to the hotter air outside, that is a problem. Something is definitely amiss with your A/C. You should definitely get that checked.

The A/C Is Rattling So Loudly It Sounds Like a Caribbean Steel Drum

If you have ever heard the rhythmic rattle and hum of a Caribbean steel drum, you know exactly what this sound is like. Your A/C should make barely a sound, if it is less than a decade old. When it sounds like one of these steel street drums, you have a serious problem there. Something is loose and rattling around inside the A/C unit. It needs to be removed, reattached, and/or replaced. It could also be an animal, such as a small bird, that has accidentally become stuck in the outdoor unit. Either way, the problem will not fix itself.

The Air-Conditioned Air in Your Home Smells Funny

Yeah, that is not right either. Air-conditioned air typically removes funny odors from the air before sending cool air back into your home. It does not add odors!

Anything from a fetid smell to a burnt smell should be a sign to you that an HVAC technician is needed ASAP. You should definitely turn your A/C off, too. Until the problem is resolved, you just do not know what is causing the odors.

It could be something very toxic, in which case, you do not want that pumped into your home. Hopefully, it is just something simple, like a wire that got a little too warm and the plastic insulation around the wiring melted. Still, that would be a safety concern, with or without the unpleasant smell accompanying the issue at hand.